Australia Legalizes Same Sex Marriage


December 09, 2017

This week Australia took the momentous step of legalizing same sex marriage – joining two dozen countries that have given gay and lesbian couples the right to tie the knot.

Aboriginal activist walks 6000 kilometres for justice


October 16, 2017

Clinton Pryor has walked almost 6000 kilometres, from one side of Australia to the other, through desert and harsh terrain. His aim? To raise awareness about issues in Aboriginal communities.

Indigenous Australians demand recognition and participation


September 02, 2017

The Australian constitution makes no mention of the country’s First People , who are still among the most disadvantaged in the country.

Coal mines and climate change: Australia's Adani controversy


August 14, 2017

The Carmichael mine will be Australia's largest ever coal mine, if it goes ahead. But it faces strong opposition. As the impacts of climate change mount, many Australians are rallying against the mine

Sydney protest against Australia’s boycott of nuclear ban


June 24, 2017

If talks are successful, a United Nations treaty would stop production and testing of nuclear weapons. 120 countries are participating in negotiations, but almost 40 countries are boycotting them.