Marikit Santiago’s Layering of Cultures


April 30, 2017

Marikit Santiago is a Melbourne born visual artist based in Sydney and a current tenant at the Parramatta Artists Studios. Santiago's art practice reflects her investigation of her Filipino ethnicity and Australian nationality.

Reinvigorating engagement with local art


March 12, 2017

Sydney's local art scene functions in a creative ecosystem that is continuously changing. As changes in the art world continue to happen such as the dwindling attendance at commercial galleries triggered by the 2008 economic recession, Art Month Sydney aims to reinvigorate engagement with the art scene and bring attention to the creative engine that is Sydney so says Barry Keldoulis, Artistic Director of Art Month Sydney.

Art in a changing world


February 4, 2017

Social and political upheaval internationally and in Australia reflect the shifting nature of ideology, political leadership and public discourse. It seems imperative to examine what this means for artists and the art world.

Shifting the narrative through film and art


January 15, 2017

Promoting diversity and dialogue among various cultural groups in Australia are re-occurring themes in Amadeo Marquez-Perez's work. Amadeo is a film festival organiser, producer and criminologist. He is the co-founder and co-convenor of the Asian Australian Film Forum and Network (AAFFN). The AAFFN is a network for Asian Australian artists, filmmakers and other creatives that aims to increase representation in the creative sector.

Regional Cultural Exchange Between Australia and the Philippines


October 30, 2016

Sean James Cassidy is an artist and the co-founder of the Ub Ubbo Exchange, an international arts group that encourages cultural exchange between regional Australia and the Philippines. 


The song "Echoes" is a collaboration between artists from Sagada and Baguio in the Philippines and Parkes in Australia. This specific collaboration exemplifies the exchange between musicians who recorded and contributed traditional chants and original lyrics.