Filmed during the harvest season in Parkes, Central NSW in Australia, Harvest documents farmers during a hot and dry harvest season. The work examines the idea of an Australia built by farmers and laborers.


Documented is a family farm in a state of inevitable decay. Unsustainable farming practices are the norm in Australia’s wheat belt where industrial farms enjoy longevity compared to smaller, less profitable family farms.


This decay goes beyond this particular family or this particular harvest: in Australia, land plays a central component in issues such as energy, innovation, Aboriginal affairs and the economy.

The inherent connection of the Wiradjuri language to the land signifies their ties to places. "The manipulation of the land, changes the meaning of the word" says Lionel Lovett, a Wiradjuri man and language teacher at the Wiradjuri Language Group in Parkes. He explains how the meaning of Wiradjuri words change when land is developed.