work 37.5 150 1800 hrs

Work 37.5 150 1800 hrs chronicles cleaning as a form of physical labour and a paradigm of social currency. The act of cleaning is studied as a series of repetitive behaviour and a series of decisions that positions the cleaner in his or her (new) environment.


During the two years that I worked as a cleaner, I used my phone to make sound recordings while I was cleaning. At the time, it was mostly to pass time and distract myself. But the repetitive nature of the audio recordings seem to capture the repetitive nature of cleaning and the greater physical and mental process. 

In Work 37.5 150 1800 hrs, I wanted to give cleaners a silent but strong presence in the space. It is also a response to Australia’s migration industry and dedicated to the people I worked with during this time. 

sound, wood, industrial plastic, linen